New limited edition shirts available from Caveman Cult and Crurifragium in the webstore. Less than 30 made of each.


CAVEMAN CULT "Savage War Is Destiny" CD OUT NOW!

Rotting Chapel Propaganda unleashes the debut album by Florida's CAVEMAN CULT, Savage War Is Destiny!!! Relentless bludgeoning jungle warfare metal filth!!!

"Savage War Is Destiny presents 11 blistering tracks of war metal with stronger production giving a bigger and more all encompassing sound while still keeping it savage and raw. Barbaric drums pummel – never more apparent on La Eternia Guerra Sangrienta. Guttural vocals seethe and growl away. Beyond distorted guitar shreds bestial, atonal grooves. Ugly. Caveman Cult are your soundtrack for the end times and Savage War Is Destiny shows this band is only getting better. " - bostonhassle.com

"It’s a goddamn war zone, teetering on the edge of utter atonal, hyper-distorted sonic chaos but tethered to something resembling solid ground by the rhythms of bone-smashing bass and
gunshot snare bursts. To stitch together some apt words from the song titles, this is an iron scourge of bludgeoning barbaric bloodlust that demands death before surrender." - nocleansinging.com

"Caveman Cult has come out of the dark with a barbarian assault leaving countless bodies behind! If you are looking for brutal and sickening music to pump demonic rage into your veins, then make sure you listen to their debut album “Savage War is Destiny.” This is the ultimate sound of terror cried out by a horde of devastating war machines!" - supportblackmetal.com

Vinyl available soon via Larval Productions and cassette tape via Wohrt Records.

Interested distributors; to get in touch about wholesale - rcptapes (at) gmail (dot) com

Europe; via Iron Bonehead Productions in Germany (http://www.ironbonehead.de) and Invictus Productions in Ireland (http://www.invictusproductions.com). If you're overeas, I highly encourage you to order from them and save on shipping costs.

*the online store is constantly being updated and added to. There will be close to 100 titles added over the next month. 

Florida; catch CAVEMAN CULT playing "Savage War Is Destiny" live at Churchill's Pub in Miami on Sunday, June 12th.



I will be traveling until May 15th, so any orders placed between now and then will ship on May 16th! Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your support!


New releases now available for order from RCP Tapes:

CAVEMAN CULT "Barbaric Bloodlust"
- the 'lost' second demo by Caveman Cult. Limited to 60 copies. Released for the band to sell at shows. You can pick one up at:
March 25th@ Uncle Lou's in Orlando, FL
March 26th @ Hill Street House in Atlanta, GA
May 21st @ Churchill's Pub in Miami, FL

- high intensity harsh noise and damaged electronics from Florida. Ltd 40 copies.

BLACK JAIL "Institution Of Punishment" 
- recorded during different sessions from 2011-2014. First official release since 2009. Heavy analog industrial. Ltd 50 copies.

- A collaboration between Onset and Death Talisman VII recorded in 2015. Electronic drug rock. Ltd 24 copies.

Still available for order:
WOLFPACK "All Day Hell" tape
RADIATION "s/t" 7-inch
and a few odds and ends...